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We Are Wolf: Caitlyn Rosa

Our faculty and staff make up the heart and soul of Wolf and we’re so lucky to have such talented members of our team. This month, as we continue to introduce you to new members of the Wolf staff, we’re showcasing Caitlyn Rosa, our new teacher assistant. Read all about Caitlyn in the We Are Wolf interview below.

1. Can you tell us a bit about your background before coming to Wolf?

I graduated from Salve Regina University, where I pursued a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education, immersing myself in the study of effective teaching methods. Through various observations and teaching experiences across multiple schools and grade levels, I gained invaluable insights into the diverse needs of students. Then, I joined the Hamilton School at Wheeler, where I collaborated closely with both teachers and students, honing my skills in personalized instruction. It was there that I became Orton-Gillingham certified and discovered my love for literacy and phonics instruction. 

2. What made you interested in working with Complex Learners?

I’m drawn to working in Special Education because I see it as solving a puzzle. Each student presents a unique set of challenges and strengths, and it’s incredibly rewarding to figure out how they learn best. I find joy in unraveling the complexities of education to tailor strategies that meet each student’s needs, fostering their growth and success.

3. What is your favorite part of your day at Wolf?

My favorite part of my day at Wolf is working in small groups. It’s a chance for individualized instruction and building closer relationships with students. This personalized approach not only benefits their learning but also allows me to understand them better, creating a supportive and enriching environment to “solve their puzzle”.

4. What has been your favorite thing about Wolf so far?

My favorite aspect of working at Wolf is the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with every student. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness their growth and progress, knowing that the bonds between teachers and students play a pivotal role in their journey toward success.

5. Who do you look up to as a role model?

My parents, Steve and Mary, are my ultimate role models. For over 20 years, they’ve run a business, yet somehow they prioritized family above all else, always making time for my siblings and me. Their hard work, resilience, and unwavering love taught me the importance of working hard, cherishing memorable moments, and making time for some fun. 

Welcome to Wolf, Caitlyn! Our students and families are lucky to have the chance to work with you and benefit from your kindness, talent, and passion for education! To learn more about other Wolf Staff, read some of our past We Are Wolf interviews!


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    Congratulations Caitlyn! Keep helping children shine????

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