Lower School

THERAPEUTIC HORSEBACK RIDING: All Lower School students participate in therapeutic horseback riding once every two weeks at the Greenlock Riding Center in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, chosen for its regional reputation for excellence as a therapeutic riding program. For students with multiple learning differences, riding improves motor development, coordination, and overall body awareness.

In addition to therapeutic goals, cognitive and social skills are enhanced. Students are better able to participate in a group, attend to directions, and find it easier to focus. The students learn a new skill and function independently, both of which enhance their self-esteem. Encouraging a relationship between the student and their horse, not only through riding but through care of the animal (brushing, grooming, preparing it to ride, etc.), promotes safe risk-taking and self-confidence.

The Wolf school has offered therapeutic riding since its inception. It is a logical extension of the school curriculum and a highly successful experience for all participants.

ART AND MUSIC: Students explore a variety of different mediums in Art classes including watercolor, pattern painting, stamping, printmaking, pastels, sculpture, brushstroke, and collage. Projects incorporate art from other cultures, music, storytelling, and movement, as well as information on form, color, various art periods, and important artists.

In music class students study a wide range of concepts including beat, rhythm, tempo, meter, dynamics, and melody. The students learn a diverse range of songs, play numerous percussion instruments, and explore ways to create different sounds using voices and body percussion.

Art and Music are offered once a week for all Lower School students. In addition, one social studies lesson per week is taught through art and music using an integrated art and music approach.

Middle School

ELECTIVES: At the middle school level students are offered electives in order to provide exposure to a range of high-interest topics that allow for student choice. Electives have included: Outdoor Education, Photography/Yearbook, Theatre Arts, Family and Consumer Science, Wood Shop, Gardening, and a variety of art and music selections. Students participate in three electives per year.

SERVICE LEARNING: All Middle School students at Wolf participate in Service Learning projects in order to apply their academic and social skills to address real-life needs in their school and the wider community. Projects have included recycling and the impact on the environment, “buddy projects” with younger Wolf students, and drives to support those in need.

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