About Our School

What would you do if your child couldn’t learn?

This was the dilemma faced by The Wolf School founders when despite best efforts at an outstanding private school and significant tutorial and therapeutic interventions, their son was failing. Turning to experts in education, occupational therapy, and speech pathology, this visionary group became convinced that other children with similar learning profiles could benefit from an alternative educational setting. This founding board designed an educational model to meet the academic, social, and therapeutic needs of Complex Learners, and in 1999, The Wolf School opened its doors to three students in a single classroom.

Now located in its permanent home in East Providence, Wolf educates up to 75 children a year in grades K-8 from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. This extraordinary growth confirmed that the school filled a previously unmet need in the educational community.

Where every child is a learner

The Wolf School has dual approval by the Rhode Island Department of Education as an Independent School and a Special Education Program. The school follows the standards of core grade-level skills for language arts, math, social studies, and science. Our curriculum encompasses a rigorous blend of academic subjects and intensive therapeutic support that addresses three major learning challenges: language processing/production, sensory regulation, and socially effective communication. The Wolf School Immersion Model© integrates therapeutic support within the entire curriculum throughout the day in each classroom.

The Wolf School at a glance …

  • Founded in 1999 to provide a unique educational environment for children who are complex learners with multiple learning differences.
  • Special education certified in grades K-8 in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
  • Approved by the State of Rhode Island Department of Education as an Independent School.
  • Children come from public and private schools in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
  • Enrollment of up to 75 children in eight classrooms with no more than 9 students per class in Lower School and up to 11 students per class in Middle School.
  • Low teacher-student ratio.
  • Individualized academic programming following grade-level expectations.
  • Language-based learning environment with sensory processing supports and social thinking skills immersed into the academic curriculum.
  • Read the Wolf School Viewbook to learn more
215 Ferris Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916 | 401-432-9940