Work at Wolf

Classroom Teacher, Middle School for 2019-2020


Job Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree required
  • Middle Grades Special Education certification, or meets eligibility criteria
  • Minimum of two years teaching experience at the middle school level working with children who have special needs
  • Knowledge of multi-sensory teaching techniques
  • Training and knowledge of a variety of academic programs and methods for teaching math and reading
  • Knowledge of various assessment measures (standardized and non-standardized) and ability to interpret data to evaluate progress
  • Knowledge of classroom behavior management and data collection

General statement of duties and responsibilities: Work with students in various settings, develop and modify a therapeutically guided curriculum, generate reports to meet students’ needs, communicate with families, coordinate with therapists, and plan for teaching assistants to carry out lessons.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with occupational therapists, speech therapists and support staff to develop and implement therapeutic goals within individual academic programs to carry out Wolf’s Immersion Model©
  • Teach and plan for instruction across all subject areas
  • Work with and plan for teaching assistants to reinforce and integrate lessons
  • Participate in planning community outings to practice academic and social skills
  • Administer academic screenings/assessments to develop individualized learning plans
  • Ability to integrate and support use of educational technology resources in the classroom
  • Communicate and meet with the Education Supervisor on a regular basis
  • Communicate and meet with Social Emotional Educator as needed
  • Communicate and update families on student progress
  • Ability to work with families in support of the home/school partnership
  • Develop IEP/Learning Plan goals and document progress throughout the year
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, and all team meetings
  • Complete educational reports twice a year
  • Participate in parent conferences three times a year
  • Consult with teachers, parents, administrators and outside professionals regarding the student’s individual classroom and home interventions
  • Engage in ongoing professional development
  • Develop and implement positive reinforcement systems and behavior management techniques in the classroom
  • Communicate & coordinate with integrated art and music programs to support curricular study
  • Maintain documentation and data collection as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

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To apply please send your resume to:

Lauren Duffy Karlsson

215 Ferris Avenue

East Providence, RI 02916

215 Ferris Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916 | 401-432-9940