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Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences

5 Tips To Prepare For Parent-Teacher Conferences

During COVID-19, it seems like everything has gone virtual from birthday parties to family gatherings! And parent-teacher conferences are no exception. As we hit the halfway mark of the school year, parents and staff are getting ready for their midyear conference.

It may feel strange to meet virtually with your child’s team but it can still be a productive conference! Check out our 5 tips below on how to prepare for virtual parent-teacher conferences!

  1. Review All Materials

One of the best ways to prepare for a parent-teacher conference is one of the easiest! Review any and all material that has been sent home or emailed to you.

Both staff and parents should take time prior to the conference to prepare. For parents, this means reviewing all the materials sent home. This will help you feel more prepared and even help uncover some questions that you didn’t know you had!

  1. Find A Dedicated Space

It can be strange enough to meet with your child’s classroom team on Zoom without the added distractions of home occurring behind you. If possible, find a quiet space in your house to use during the conference. A change of location can make all the difference and help you shift your focus to the meeting!

During your set up of the space, gather any supplies you might need like materials that were sent home, a list of your questions, and paper and a pen in case you want to take notes.

  1. Send Questions Ahead Of Time

Whether you have questions about how to log in to Zoom or a concern about a recent grade your child received, be sure to send your questions to your classroom team ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than scrambling to find login instructions 2 minutes before your meeting is supposed to begin!

Not only will questions help guide the conference but it will also give your child’s classroom team time to prepare to address your specific concerns. Both you and your child’s team will feel ready for a great and productive conference!

  1. Share How Your Child Is Doing

While a conference is a great time to hear from your child’s teacher about how your child is doing in school, this is also a key time to update the classroom team with how your child is doing outside of school.

Have there been any recent family changes? How have they been handling the added stress of switching from in-person learning to distance learning? Is your child struggling with not being able to spend social time with friends? All of this is critical information for your child’s teacher to know since it may be impacting how your child is doing in school. You’re partners with your child’s teachers in your child’s education – the more information that is shared both ways – the better!

  1. Connect And Celebrate

It might feel strange to meet virtually and you may be suffering from Zoom fatigue – but virtual parent-teacher conferences can still be a great time to connect with your child’s classroom team and celebrate all that your child has accomplished this year! Go in with a positive attitude and you’ll be amazed at the results!

This school year has been stressful for students, staff, and parents so any chance that we have to celebrate making it to the halfway mark should be celebrated!

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