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Robotics Rule! – New Snapology Program Sounding Success at Wolf

When our after school program coordinator, Meg Jackson, surveyed current parents to see what topics families were most interested in for after-school programs, one answer kept popping up – robotics. It was clear the interest in robotics was there from both our students and parents. After some research, Meg discovered Snapology which “engages children ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex, and technology.” As soon as Meg saw a Snapology demo she knew it was the perfect fit for Wolf!

Wolf students participate in our new after school Snapology program

Students participate in our new after-school Snapology program

Snapology is currently offered for both Lower School and Middle School students. At Snapology, children actively engage in hands-on, interactive learning activities that provide the opportunity for their creativity and skills to flourish.

With the program designed to be as independent as possible, Snapology provides students with their tools and instructions for that day’s creation but challenges them to see what they can accomplish as a team. Some previous creations include a basketball hoop made of legos that, with controls set up on the computer, moves around as students try to score a basket!

The entire program is partner based which helps our students think as a team while learning how to work together to achieve a common goal.  Students also work on their social skills as they learn to be flexible, share responsibilities, and recognize social cues.

Our students are reaping benefits outside of social skills as well. Snapology provides our students with an opportunity to work on their fine motor skills as they build and take apart their creations. Their ability to recognize needed materials, read, sequence and follow instructions, and program their computer is also strengthening.

But the most important skill students are learning is how to be flexible. When things don’t go as planned or they can’t locate a piece, our students are demonstrating their ability to have patience and work together to figure out a new solution.

So how are Wolf students enjoying this new after school program? “They are loving it and really look forward to it every week,” Meg says. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see photos of all the fun our students are having and watch a video of one of their past creations!

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