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20 wishes for 20 years of Wolf!

To celebrate The Wolf School turning 20 years old, we threw a birthday party! Students, Board Members, and staff came together on September 13th for a very special birthday party at All-School Assembly with cake, singing, and even 20 wishes for The Wolf School. Head of School, Anna Johnson, asked students and staff what they wish for The Wolf School. Check out the list below to see what they came up with!

20. For The Wolf School to be even more beautiful

Birthday Wish #20







19. Paint the bus blue

18. All of the kids at The Wolf School to take what they learn and be happy and productive

17. Pet therapy and a school dog or cat






16. Pajamas to school

15. Incorporate other therapeutic activities like rock climbing, swimming, & art-based programs

14. Bowling alley and merry go round 

13. More playground toys

12. Candy

11. Cafeteria 







10. School uniforms with checkered skirts and tuxedos

9. Kid Head of School

8. A Wolf pool and garden

7. A Wolf High School or more Wolf Schools








6. More field trips and after-school programs

5. Fridays off

4. Obstacle/ ropes course

3. A Wolf mascot

2. Horseback riding 

1. The Wolf School to stay here forever

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