Making & Keeping Friends in Middle School

Making & Keeping Friends In Middle School

5 Ways To Help Complex Learners Navigate Friendship As a parent, it’s in your nature to want to help your child over every hurdle and through every struggle. But as your child grows, it gets harder to easily fix her problems. It’s not hard to fix a scraped knee but

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Back To School Blues

Managing The Back To School Blues

If your child is exhibiting moodiness, increased anxiety, or more tantrums and tears than usual, she might be experiencing post-winter-break blues. Figuring out what specifically is causing your child’s behavior can help you understand what you can do to help. Take a look at 3 causes and tips to help

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Minimizing Meltdowns

While time off from school provides kids with the opportunity to rest, unwind, and enjoy time with family and friends, the unstructured and unpredictable nature of this stretch of time, the late nights, the full itinerary of activities, and the endless sugary snacks can wreak havoc upon your child.

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Homework Helpline

Supporting the Complex Learner’s Homework Experience You know the drill. Kids don’t like homework. They want to come home and eat and play and zone-out and see friends. Homework is not on their list! But most students see homework as a necessary chore and they figure out how to get

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5 Takeaways from The Wolf School's Complex Learners Conference

5 Takeaways from The Wolf School’s Fourth Annual Complex Learners Conference

Every year special education professionals, classroom teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and parents gather at The Wolf School for a singular purpose – to increase their knowledge of children with complex learning and attention issues and share strategies to support the optimal cognitive and social growth of Complex

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