Getting your child to open up about school

How was school? Fine.

You’re excited to hear about his day and want him to open up but you just can’t seem to get your child to talk. So, what do you do? How do you get your child to open up about the school day?

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Helping Teachers Help Your Child With Learning Differences

Back to School Communication for the Best Year Ever! Word on the street (and in the educational journals!) is that positive parent-teacher relationships contribute to your child’s success in school.  This may seem obvious and at the same time somewhat hard to manage, especially if your child has complex learning

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Tips on ending summer on a high note

Ending Summer on a High Note: Creating Traditions to Help the Transition

Discover tips to ease the uncertainty the end of summer brings to children with multiple learning differences

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A Parent's Guide to Picky Eating

A Parent’s Guide to Picky Eating – Bringing a Wolf School tradition home

A Wolf School tradition to help parents encourage their picky eaters to try new foods

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Sensory friendly ideas from The Wolf School

Too Hot! Too Loud! Too Much! – 4 Sensory Friendly Ideas

Sensory friendly summer activity ideas from The Wolf School

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My School is a Family: Conscious Discipline and Social Emotional Learning

At The Wolf School, we work with children who experience significant and complex learning challenges. While there are numerous academic curriculum and teaching strategies we utilize to help our students reach their academic potential, the key to success is to simultaneously address other components of their development and learning. These

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Dr. Jennifer Jencks presents at School Trauma and the Complex Learner: Identification & Intervention

School Trauma & the Complex Learner: 3 Takeaways from Wolf School’s Annual Conference

Now in its third year, The Wolf School Complex Learners Conference continues to bring together speakers with a variety of expertise and perspectives in order to grow a greater understanding of how children who learn and interact differently, can unlock their potential. This year, with a focus on the impact

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A Parents Perspective

On April 28th, parent co-chairs Russell Carey & Rebekah Ham received a standing ovation after their moving speech at The Wolf School’s annual fundraising gala, Discover the Difference.  As parents of a child with complex learning needs, navigating their daughter’s educational journey hasn’t always been easy but it’s always been

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Early intervention research unequivocally points to first grade as the time when education has its greatest impact. Unfortunately, students with complex learning needs are often overlooked. Here, Leah Valentine, The Wolf School’s Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire, explains what a difference it can make getting Complex Learners ready to learn when there

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Winning the Battle with Complex Learners  When I first started as a teacher at The Wolf School I was certain my students would enjoy each lesson, gain confidence, and learn. But from the very first forty-minute math class I found the majority of time was spent redirecting and correcting behaviors.

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