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Your Parent Teacher Conference

What To Expect

The Fall is flying by and the first parent teacher conference of the year is almost upon us! Parent Teacher conferences are a great opportunity to connect with your child’s team and talk about your child, the year ahead, progress, concerns, and so much more. To help you prepare for your first conference of the school year, we put together 3 things to expect.

1. Teamwork Makes It All Work

While you might not be in the classroom with them, you are a critical part of your child’s educational team. Together with the classroom staff, you work together to ensure your child is getting what they need, and making academic and social gains. To be a good team player, you have to practice teamwork. This means showing up to your appointment on time, respecting your allotted time slot, reading any material sent to you ahead of time, actively participating in the conference, and even after the conference, continuing with open communication. Most importantly, you’ve got to trust your other team members. Don’t be afraid to ask questions but never forget that you are all on the same team and after the same thing – you want what’s best for your child. 

2. Feedback Matters

While it may feel like you’re getting a lot of information presented to you, it’s important to remember that your feedback counts. Classroom teams want to hear from you! At the first conference of the school year for Wolf, your child’s classroom team will be talking about assessments that have been completed, goals for the year, hopes and dreams for your child, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, voice your concerns, highlight past experiences, or share any new information.

3. It’s A Journey

Your child’s education is a journey and the first parent teacher conference of the year is just one step on that journey. Documents and plans can be edited as needed. New information will be taken into account. Things will change throughout the year. It’s important to remember that none of the information shared is final or set in stone. You will be working closely with your child’s team throughout the year to make sure that your child continues to receive the support they need and they continue to have fun and thrive. Along these same lines, take a moment to celebrate the small victories both with your child’s team and with your child!

Parent Teacher conferences are an important way to stay connected and involved in your child’s educational journey but can often feel overwhelming. As you head into your first one of the year, remember you’re an important part of your child’s team and at the end of the day, never hesitate to ask any questions to your child’s school or classroom team. We are all here to support your child and you!

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