The Wolf School Annual Fund

What’s your reason?

When your child struggles in school, you see reasons every day why they’re not in the right environment…

Despite potential, they struggle with academics leading to low self-esteem and anxiety around school. Despite their desire to fit in, they remain isolated on the sidelines when it comes to making friends. Despite trying their hardest, they often face failure because they are misunderstood.

After so many years of struggling to be understood – when families and students finally find the “right fit” at the Wolf School, those reasons change to “all the right reasons” why Wolf is exactly where they need to be to thrive.

Whether it’s because of the compassionate nature of our staff, the small class size, the importance placed on parent partnerships, the sense of belonging that weaves together our school community, or simply the hope that Wolf offers families for a better educational experience and a better future…

Every family has a reason why Wolf changed their lives. And when you donate, you’re helping other families discover their reason.

Your support helps:

• provide the latest in classroom technology
• expand opportunities in the arts, music, and
social emotional programming
• increase professional development for the continued
growth of faculty and staff
• offer enrichment opportunities to expand students
confidence and perspective
• provide critical Financial Aid to families
• ensure our students have the equipment and tools
they need to access learning
• and so much more

How Can You Make Your Gift?

Learn more

  • Reach out to Gary Monnier, Wolf’s Development Director, with any questions or to talk about your gift
  • Looking to donate to a specific named fund? Check out our Named Funds page.
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