Strategic Plan

Now in our 25th year, we are proud of the progress The Wolf School has made since its humble beginnings in a single room at the Jewish Community Center.

Even so, we aspire to continuous improvement. This strategic plan focuses on solidifying the foundation of the school for the future. While we have thrived in our organic growth to date, we know that planning and intentionality will serve us well as we move into stability and sustainability in all that we do going forward. There is a strong sense that achievement of the strategic priorities in this plan will cement the foundation upon which future aspirations of growth, if any, can be anchored.

Importantly, this strategic planning process has reinforced the palpable sense of a deeply interwoven and caring and passionate community of educators, students and families…. a sense of community that is every bit as central to The Wolf School as curricula and programs and facilities. We are committed that as we move forward, nurturing and sustaining that sense of community is our obligation and privilege.

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