Small School … Big Results

At The Wolf School, we believe that a small school setting makes a difference for children experiencing multiple learning difficulties. With a class size between 4-11 students and a teacher-student ratio of no more than 1:4, we can provide a nurturing, developmental approach to independent academic success. Learning at The Wolf School is individualized for optimal results and incorporates technology supports and hands-on experiential lessons to meet the specific needs of our students. Wolf fosters a safe, caring, creative environment where children not only learn — they thrive.

At Wolf we believe:

  • That all children can be successful learners
  • That all children have strengths
  • That all children should be treated with respect
  • That children benefit from strong positive relationships with peers
  • That self-awareness and self-advocacy are foundations for successful learning
  • That children benefit from participating in a classroom community
  • That children will learn and thrive in a safe, caring and creative environment
  • That the Wolf model provides children with what they need to be successful learners
  • That parents are integral members of The Wolf School team
  • That professionals will benefit from working in a supportive and enriching environment
  • That an organization works best when all members believe in the mission and share in its goals
  • That a growing and successful school is built upon the collective contributions of the faculty, staff, administration, and Board

215 Ferris Avenue, East Providence, RI 02916 | 401-432-9940