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We Are Wolf

We Are Wolf is a new 5 question interview format showcasing members of The Wolf School Community. From alumni to parents to donors to staff – we are all Wolf!

Sarah P 5_5_15
Name: Sarah Pelson

Connection to Wolf: Alumni, Class of 2009

Bio: Sarah attends Middlebridge School in Narragansett, RI. Her favorite subject is math but she also loves to learn about history. Even though she considers herself more of a country girl, she enjoys spending time in New York City with her family. She saves every Playbill from shows she has seen on Broadway, and every fortune from fortune cookies she gets when she has Chinese food (Sarah thinks NYC has the best Chinese food!). Sarah hopes to be an Assistant Teacher at Middlebridge someday, but right now, she is looking forward to her prom.


What do you love about The Wolf School?

I really love The Wolf School. I liked my classes, and gym, and the theater program. I have so many memories – of the baby chicks and Wolf Pack after school, and playing Dodge Ball and Protect the Jewels. Wolf has been an important part of my life. The teachers there are so supportive!

What have you done recently that you are proud of?

I am proud of a story I wrote recently, and I’ve started to write poems. My teachers are going to show them to my parents and I am excited about that and hope to write more.

What helps you learn new things?

I learned a lot of sayings at Wolf that I still remember, like “That’s how the cookie crumbles.” I think of these and it keeps me going if something is hard. I also like to have something sour to suck on to help me focus, which I learned at Wolf.

What is your favorite form of movement?

I really enjoy jumping jacks because they always wake up my body when I do them if I’m tired. And my favorite game is still Protect the Jewels!

Who is your role model?

Heidi Bruening – she is a staff member at Middlebridge and helps me so much. She is very caring. And Otto Wallerstein is a role model to me. He graduated from Middlebridge and is doing great.


  1. REPLY
    Michele Levy says

    This new feature is GREAT! Love it

  2. REPLY
    Lise Faulise says

    Great way to showcase our amazing students!

  3. REPLY
    Eric Zarski says

    Love the new “We are Wolf” section…very inspirational!! Thanks for sharing with us Sarah. 🙂

  4. REPLY
    Joanna Capparella says

    Hi Sarah:

    I loved reading about all the great things you are doing at the Middlebridge School. It sounds like the Wolf School was a great place to start. Good luck.

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