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Art Smart

Art is beautiful. Art is inspiring. Art is emotional.

And art is smart!

If you attended the Wolf School Art Show yesterday, you experienced a wonderful display of creative and colorful artwork. But behind each finished piece, there are innumerable benefits you don’t see.

Art offers our students critical sensory stimulation to bolster their physical, social and emotional development.

Art improves motor planning, fine motor skills, focus, and problem-solving.

For students who have difficulties learning, art can open up a new way to access the curriculum.

Art provides a creative outlet for feelings, offering a nonverbal outlet for expressing and understanding emotion.

Art helps children overcome challenges and builds confidence.

Art gives our students a voice. It helps them be themselves and tell their story.

That’s why art is a critical part of the curriculum and our approach to learning at The Wolf School.

So enjoy these photos of the Art Show, and keep in mind you are actually looking at a whole world of academic, social and emotional development in every picture!

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