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Great Expectations

Focusing On What Really Matters

Do you feel like you have to create the most amazing, festive, magazine-cover-story-worthy holiday ever? Do you promise yourself every year that things will be different, only to turn into a Martha Stewart monster decorating gingerbread houses for all your neighbors or cooking 10,000 latkes for your family or staying up late to make a paper mache yule log for your daughter’s class, even though you have no idea what a yule log is?

Give yourself permission to lower the bar on perfection and focus on what really matters to you. Maybe it’s a holiday movie at home and hot chocolate with the kids. Maybe it’s a walk on a hiking trail nearby or taking the dog to the beach with your family. Maybe it’s sleeping late and making pancakes for lunch.

Because the expectations you have of how perfect things should be are soaked up by your Complex Learner and not handled well if things change, come out differently, or disappoint.

Set the tone for the holidays – relax, do less, and enjoy more!

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