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Complex Learners Conference

Join us on October 15th for our second annual Complex Learners Conference: Bridging Assessment and Treatment for  Social and Academic Success. Beginning at 8:30 AM, this one-day intermediate level presentation designed for educators, clinicians, and parents, will provide an in-depth understanding of the ways assessments of Complex Learners inform treatment that results in social and academic gains. Participants will learn the definition of a Complex Learner as identified through psychiatric and neuropsychological assessments. A panel presentation will discuss how recommendations from a range of professionals can translate to strategies in the classroom and at home. Afternoon breakout sessions will explore specific intervention for both younger and Middle School children. To sign up, download our full brochure with registration form here.


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    Susannah Kavanaugh says

    I would be thrilled to attend the Complex Learners Workshop as a member of the team at The Whole Child.

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