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We Are Wolf

We Are Wolf is a 5 question interview format showcasing members of The Wolf School Community. From alumni to parents to donors to staff – we are all Wolf!

Mitchell M

Name: Mitchell McIvor

Connection to Wolf: Graduate, Class of 2015

Bio:  Mitchell is a graduating eighth grader this year and will be attending Providence Country Day School in the fall. He has been at Wolf for two years and his favorite subject is Social Studies. Mitchell has two older stepbrothers and two younger brothers. He enjoys everything electronic, including 4D animation, and video games (some that actually make him smarter!). Mitchell loves Oreo cookies and his dog Bosco, a Wheaten Terrier. This summer Mitchell plans to travel with a teen tour group, visiting lots of cities and sights out west.


What do you love about The Wolf School?

This school is a place where you don’t have to lie about yourself to seem like a cool person to hang out with. People are nice to you. You can be yourself and people won’t be mean.

What have you done recently that you are proud of?

I was in a play this year. Before I came here I was really shy. Being in a play was something I could never see myself doing. Acting on stage really took me out of my comfort zone but I did it and I liked it!

What helps you learn new things?

Taking a walk helps me clear my head. When I’m walking I think about everything that’s entertaining or distracting me and when I get back in class I’m done thinking about it and ready to learn.

What is your favorite form of movement?

Basketball or soccer. My soccer nickname is Fancy Feet!

Who is your role model?

My dad. He is really busy and has to travel a lot but he still finds time for us and takes care of us. That’s how I want to be. Even if I’m really busy I want to make the time for others.



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