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The Power Of Creativity

An Outlet That Lets Students Shine

The Power Of CreativitySpringtime at The Wolf School normally brings around many of our favorite things – one of which is our annual Art Show. Put on by our talented art teacher extraordinaire, Keri King, our event showcases our students’ artistic endeavors from the year and is a true celebration of creativity! While this year’s Art Show will be virtual for the safety of our community, the focus will remain on embracing and celebrating our students’ creative efforts!

Celebrating creativity is a big part of a Wolf School education, because the benefits of creativity extend far beyond our students’ years at Wolf. Creativity opens the door for our students to express themselves, truly shine, and discover a community.


Creativity is an outlet for our students – a safe way to express themselves freely. With no right or wrong answer, our students are free to explore, build, and create. Not only can this be a regulating activity to calm our students’ minds and bodies, but this also allows them to build necessary skills for the future — like fine motor skills, problem solving, and flexible thinking. In addition, creativity can be another form of communication and allow students to express emotions, feelings, or thoughts in a safe space.


As Complex Learners, our students are no strangers to prior academic or social struggles. Engaging in creative outlets like art, music, and theater gives our students the chance to shine without having to worry about fitting into any one box. When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. The work our students create is uniquely them, and that makes it truly wonderful! This is an incredible boost to self-esteem for students who may have had many years of low confidence and self-esteem due to academic or social challenges.


Whether students are working together on a school play or each drawing a section of a mural to hang in their classroom, creativity allows them to discover a sense of community through communication and collaboration. Working together on a project or having the chance to admire a classmate’s work allows our students to see how everyone brings their own perspective to a creative project. This helps them learn to appreciate differences in themselves and others while also helping their social development.

There are countless reasons to celebrate creativity, and we hope you’ll join us on May 28th on thewolfschool.org as we celebrate our students’ creativity. See you at the virtual art show!

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