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Rainbow Farm

What do you get when you combine The Wolf School’s Immersion Model© with the very talented Room 2 Team? Rainbow Farm! Rainbow Farm was the culminating event to close out Room 2’s unit on farm life. Our youngest classroom created and decorated a variety of fun activities open to the students and staff of The Wolf School. Each farm-based activity kept Room 2’s visitors smiling and laughing. But there’s always more to a Wolf lesson than meets the eye! Read below to see the many skills our students worked on during their visit to the farm! 

When visitors first walked in they were greeted with a pond-themed I Spy activity. This quiet activity gave students the chance to relax as they explored a “pond” filled with a variety of different sized and textured objects. Students were challenged to find specific items in the pond and check them off on their list. Not only did this activity give students some sensory fun but it also helped develop their working memory as students had to remember the specific items they were searching for and what they had already found.

Moving from sight and touch to taste – students visited the Taste the Rainbow activity next. At this station, students were encouraged to try new fruits and veggies like cucumbers and plums! If a student tried one fruit or veggie for every color of the rainbow, they walked away with a cool new badge! This was a great way to encourage picky eaters to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. With the incentive of a new badge and support from staff and friends, we were so impressed with how many of our students stepped up to the challenge! 

In the Bee Hive activity, students had to match up the bee with their correct place in the hive. To do this, students had to read the letter and number combination on each bee, then they had to find the corresponding letter and number on the hive to locate where their bee belonged. This activity focused on strengthening visual scanning skills as well as identification for numbers and letters!

With so much excitement, it was important to have a place to find some quiet time. The Chicken Coop provided a peaceful sensory escape as students were able to explore inside and take a moment to calm down before rejoining the fun. This type of space helps our students identify when they need to take a break and when they’re ready to rejoin the group. 

Two fun sensory activities, including Milk the Cow and Shear the Sheep, were great hands-on stations that worked on fine motor skills. 

A student herds sheep back into the pasture

Next up, was some movement! At the Herd the Sheep activity, students were tasked with herding sheep into the pasture only using one hand and a fly swatter! Focusing on hand-eye coordination, this activity proved to be trickier than it appeared!

As hosts, Room 2 students were responsible for running all of these stations (with some help from the Room 2 team, of course!). This gave our youngest students a chance to practice their social skills with their guests as they shared instructions and demonstrated activities. One favorite part of their job was getting to share some fun bee jokes with their visitors! Not only was this activity filled with laughs but it was also a fun way to help our students practice flexible thinking and conversational turn-taking. Want to hear one of our favorites?

What do you call a baby bee?

A ba-bee!

Engaging the whole child in learning has been the Wolf School way since our beginning. We are consistently inspired at how our classroom teams can take lesson plans and seamlessly integrate academics with occupational therapy and speech therapy goals, all while giving our students a day to remember!

Check out the photos below to immerse yourself in even more fun!!

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