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Prioritizing Parents During Back To School

Taking Care Of Yourself During COVID-19 

Prioritizing Parents During Back To SchoolIt’s back to school time! Typically, this time of year feels like a holiday for parents – sometimes even featuring jumping up and down with joy! With summer ending, it can feel like a great relief to be able to get back into a normal schedule and send the kids back to school. But with COVID-19 still looming and heavily impacting the upcoming school year, you might be feeling a bit different this year.

With so many unknowns and so much talk about reopening plans and distance vs. in person, you may already be wishing for summer again! As a parent, you may have been focusing on how to prepare your child for the start of school and a year of unknowns. But it’s important to remember that it’s just as critical for you to prepare yourself.

So how can you prepare yourself for the year when you have no idea what the year is going to bring? Check out our 4 tips on how parents can prepare themselves for heading back to school during COVID-19!

Do Your Research

Regardless of whether your child will be doing in-person learning, distance learning or a hybrid of the two – it’s clear that this year will be unlike any other. This means different procedures, more safety protocols, and a new routine. Some schools may even be giving you the option on whether to participate in in person or distance learning.

The best thing you can do as a parent is to familiarize yourself with your child’s school reopening plan, safety protocol, and learning options for the year. Read all the communication sent out to you and take the time to process it and most importantly, reach out with any questions! For you to feel confident about making a decision and guiding your child through this new normal, you have to be comfortable with a clear understanding of the rules and regulations in place.

When it comes to deciding on how your child will participate in school this year, as a parent you have to make the best decision for your child and your family. But with a firm grasp on your options and the pros and cons of both sides, making your decision may be a bit easier!


While it can feel like everything is different this year, not everything has changed. You are still going to be a partner in your child’s education, along with your child’s school and teachers. This means that communication is still key!

Regardless of where your child will be learning this year, it’s imperative that you talk to your child’s teachers. From the beginning, work to establish a clear communication plan. Not only do teachers need to know your preferred method of communication but teachers rely on parents for a deeper understanding of their students. You’ll be able to clue them in on your child’s interests, anxieties, family dynamic, and what motivates him – all of which may come into play during a school day.

Stay Informed But Sane

While it’s important to stay informed on everything happening in the world, it’s also important to protect your mental health. This might mean limiting your news or COVID-19 related articles intake.

Staying updated on recent developments is one thing but constantly refreshing the news page on Google is another. Reading too much can lead to an increase in anxiety and fear which isn’t good for your mental health which will then play a role in your child’s and family’s mental health.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy means more than just wearing your mask and washing your hands, this also means focusing on your mental health. Just as it’s important for you to be mindful of your news consumption, it can also be beneficial for you to stay connected with friends, get some movement in, go outdoors, taking a mindful minute, and get enough sleep. Just as you encourage your child to take a break when needed, you can give yourself permission to do the same.

The world we live in can be a scary place, but it’s amazing how prioritizing our own wellbeing and mental health can give us the boost we need to rise to any challenge. And by showing your child how you take care of yourself, you are encouraging him to do the same.

You play an important role in your child’s educational journey under normal circumstances, but you play an even more critical role during a year like this one. Along with buying new backpacks and filling out forms, be sure to focus on yourself this back to school season! What have you been doing to prepare yourself for back to school? Share in the comments below!

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