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“Oh what a sight, this time of year”

Holiday Event

As all of us know, getting up in front of a crowd is never easy. But imagine how impossible it might seem if you were a child with complex learning differences? Many of our students arrive at Wolf without the social skills or confidence it takes to speak up in class, much less perform in front of a full audience. Now add in the sensory skills it would take to handle bright lights and loud noises on an already hectic last day of school before break. For some students, it is understandably too much to handle. But this is why our annual Holiday Event is so much more than a school concert. Our staff, families, and especially our students, witness and celebrate how far our students have come and how they are thriving! You can’t help but beam with pride when you see those same students who couldn’t participate in class take the stage and perform their hearts out with confidence and courage! The Holiday Event is a beloved way to begin Winter Break but it’s also an event that beautifully shows the life-changing effect The Wolf School has on Complex Learners.

The event began with our new music teacher, Lindsey Shoemaker, introducing the show and this year’s theme- light. Each classroom then performed a song connected to light- whether that light is the moon, the stars, the sun, or even lava. We are so proud of all of our students for doing such a fabulous job! We were also happy to have our a cappella group, The Wolf Howlers, return to what was their debut stage last year, and perform two new songs.

Gingerbread Fun

There’s no better way to start the last day of school before break than with a little Gingerbread decorating!! A huge thank you to the WSPO for putting together this festive morning!



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