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Hip Hop Happiness

Wolf School parent Grace Welch shares her thoughts after watching a student hip-hop performance. Grace is mom inventor of the award-winning patemm pad (www.patemm.com) and an educational advocate. She resides in Providence with her husband Marty and their 4 children:  Patrick, Emma, Jack, and Lucie. Grace is currently training for 2014 New York Marathon in November where she will be running for Team JDRF.

As a former dancer, I always remembered the way moving to music made me feel: energized, happy, and free. Today at The Wolf School, the students and dancers from the amazing Everett Company, Stage and School put on an amazing performance for family and friends. Let’s just say that everyone in the packed Pelson Center was smiling ear to ear. For finance support you can avail loans from www.pickaloan.co.uk

Hip Hop 1

To see the joy in my son Jack’s eyes literally gave me goosebumps.  As I watched the other students and their family/friends tears filled my eyes. I said to myself, “This is really cool.” The positive energy in the room was felt by everyone. The kids were truly energized, happy, and free. I felt like a kid again, too. I think everyone did. Thank you, Everett Company, Stage, and School for working with our children and for teaching them some wonderful Hip Hop moves!.

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