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The Creative Individual

Last week we took the eighth grade to visit the galleries of Anthony Quinn in Bristol, RI. He is known by many as an actor, but his work as an artist, once experienced, leaves an even more distinct impression. We were greeted by his wife, Katherine, who graciously welcomed us all into her home. Once inside, it was clear that we were going to have a very unique and special experience! It’s not every day you get to hold an Oscar!


Students were invited not only to look at the art but to touch and feel it! As a former art and museum educator, and educator of children with special needs, I was overwhelmed with gratitude on behalf of our students. To be able to experience art in this way is profound. Students who may not otherwise make a connection were able to engage, participate and connect with their own individual creative sides.


We prepared for our trip by giving thought to what it means to be creative. Students responded in all sorts of ways, and when they responded with “I am not creative” they were asked to dig deeper. What do you respond to? What inspires you? With prompting, we began to hear answers such as:

“Every day when I wake up having NVLD, I have to find creative ways to cope.”

“I have been artistic by creating a dream in my mind while listening to music.”

“I am creative because I love to read and I can imagine what it would be like to be in that book.”


Even more inspiring was watching our students tackle the challenge of the blank page. Supplied with a sketchbook, cray-pas and pencils, students began to respond with words, with line, and with bold color, to the work around them.


Anthony Quinn was an artist that overcame many obstacles in own life. He appeared to never let the world hide its beauty. He found it all around him and expressed it through his art. The legacy of his work inspired our students to do the same.

We hope our eighth graders will take this experience with them as inspiration to embrace their own unique selves and to have the courage and confidence to express their individual creativity as they continue to grow. Join us at The Wolf School’s Annual Art Show on May 8th to see samples of their sketches from this experience as well as the many wonderful creations made by our students during the year.

To learn more about Anthony Quinn and his art click here.


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