Distance Learning At The Wolf School

Our Plan:

In Spring 2020, The Wolf School launched our distance learning program – Wolf School Connected due to the COVID-19 crisis. While we returned to in-person learning in the Fall of 2020, we continue to offer a hybrid option for our students. 

Wolf School Connected is designed to be a program that replicates the Wolf School Immersion Model© as much as possible under the circumstances. We believe our students need to experience as much of Wolf as they possibly can — academically, socially, emotionally.  Our plan is designed to provide opportunities for continuous learning, and most importantly, to encourage connection between students and their teachers.

Our comprehensive platform captures as much of a “normal” Wolf day as possible. Students participate in daily morning meetings, Advisory once a week for Middle School students, small group and one-on-one breakout sessions,  social time, PE/Health lessons, Art and Music classes, and encouraged movement and mindfulness breaks throughout the day.

Students are scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, with opportunities for breaks, downtime, and lunch. Take a look at our Lower School Sample Schedule and Middle School Sample Schedule.

While our program is robust, classroom teams will work with each student and family to adjust the schedule as needed. Our goal is not to overwhelm students or families, but to provide structure and routine to help them navigate their day and continue their learning. Check out our Student Tips For Wolf School Connected!

Parents Role:

Many parents are home with children and trying to work alongside them. We know there can be confusion, distractions, overlapping video meetings, and more. We all understand this is the new classroom.

While we will absolutely need parent assistance, we have put in place a  program where Complex Learners can be as independent as possible. While there may be times a student needs support or guidance, we do not want parents tethered to them throughout the day.


Wolf School Connected uses a combination of Zoom and Google Classroom for a majority of lessons, with each class having slight variations to the schedule.  The combination of these platforms allows us to deliver live instruction/sessions, particularly for OT and SLP services. Additionally, through Zoom, teachers can easily move students into breakout sessions and replicate the Wolf model of small-group blocks within our already intimate classrooms.

In addition, Wolf continues to be vigilant about the online privacy of our students and families. 


Regular communication with parents continues to be crucial and teams are accessible to parents for 1:1 support and overall communication as we continue to navigate our new virtual classrooms!

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