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Who Do We Serve?

Wolf School students are Complex Learners who are not easily categorized or diagnosed. Complex Learners struggle in traditional classroom settings because of multiple attention and learning challenges that present in different ways. One Complex Learner is introverted and quiet, while another is constantly moving and high-spirited.

Wolf School students

Complex Learners have trouble following directions, participating in a group, communicating, problem-solving, and making friends. They can be anxious, sensitive, easily distracted, rigid, loud, or shy but also creative, clever, passionate, and persistent. These students experience school failure because they don’t have the supports they need to address their needs.

That’s where The Wolf School comes in.

The Wolf School Difference:

Located in East Providence, RI, The Wolf School provides a unique educational environment for K-8 students. With a small class size and low student-to-teach ratio, our students are able to get the hands-on, individualized learning they need to help them find success.

Our groundbreaking teaching model takes the therapy (Occupational and Speech/Language) that our students are typically pulled out for and immerses it within the curriculum throughout the day in each classroom. With a dedicated classroom team of a special education teacher, a speech & language pathologist, an occupational therapist, and a teaching assistant, our staff works tirelessly to discover what works for each child.

Wolf School FactsWolf School Facts

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