Room 8

Ceramic Flower Bowls

In our ceramics elective, Room 8 students practiced layering and adhering clay together by making flower bowls. We used a mold to give our bowls shape, and each petal was cut out and adhered to the mold.

Holiday Candle Holder Trees

These swirling trees were made by carefully laying strips of clay over a paper cone. Room 8 students did an amazing job adhering to the clay so that it didn’t fall apart once the cone was burnt away in the kiln.

Leaf Drawings

Seussical Instruments

Room 8 students looked at the fantastical inventions of Dr. Seuss, and created their own instruments from an assortment of objects. Once finished, students recorded the imaginary sounds of their instruments in Garageband and performed them for everyone at the all-school meeting.

Zen Gardens

We had a wonderfully textural experience making our own zen gardens in rm 8! We learned about the Japanese practice of creating zen gardens. We enjoyed making shapes and lines in our own mini versions, using various tools and natural objects to imprint in the sand.

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