Room 7

Found Object Sculptures

8th grade students learned about the basics of constructing sculptures by experimenting with found objects. We looked at the metal cable sculptures of Maren Hessenger, and several other artists who use what they find around them to make art. Students considered how their own sculptures would stand up or hang, and what they would use to hold it together. After giving their sculpture a title, we discussed each artwork and photographed it.

Light Painting

8th graders learned about the process of light painting, and looked at the photographs of Finnish artist Hannu Huhtamo. After practicing drawing with our eyes closed on the board, we made light painting experiments in the sensory arena. Students were given several movement prompts, like walking across the room with the light or making a drawing that touches your toes. On our final day of shooting we made experiments with the entire class moving at once.

Yarn Bombing and Wrapping

8th graders learned about “Yarn Bombing”– an art form similar to graffiti, but much softer. To practice the wrapping and tying of knots, we wrapped sticks. Next, we took our yarn to the fence outside and created designs using the chain link as a base.

Chance Drawings

8th grade started the year by making chance drawings. We laid out a collection of random objects like strings, rocks, and cut paper, and each student rolled a dice to determine which of these objects we would drop onto the paper. Wherever those objects landed, they were traced. Students were given the choice to find images inside their abstract drawings, or to leave the drawings as abstractions and fill with color.

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