The Wolf School has dual approval by the Rhode Island Department of Education as an Independent School and a Special Education Program. The school follows the standards of core grade-level skills for language arts, math, social studies, and science. Our curriculum encompasses a rigorous blend of academic subjects and intensive therapeutic support that addresses three major learning challenges: language processing/production, sensory regulation, and socially effective communication. The Wolf School Immersion Model© integrates therapeutic support within the entire curriculum throughout the day in each classroom.

The Immersion Model© utilizes a team of professionals (academic teacher, speech pathologist, and occupational therapist) working with small instructional groups to ensure that lessons integrate language, sensory, and social skills. Mixed-aged groupings for reading, spelling, mathematics, and writing are co-planned and co-taught by the faculty. Each student at the Wolf School is continuously encouraged to be an active member of his or her classroom. Teaching strategies are developed to match individual learning styles, thereby creating opportunities for children to reach their potential.

Classroom teachers are responsible for setting curriculum and monitoring academic progress. Our occupational therapists support the development of self-regulation and sensory processing abilities and also teach strategies to enhance social competencies and academic independence. Movement is integrated throughout the day with the goal of optimal learning through sensory regulation awareness. Our speech and language pathologists develop a language-rich environment in both individual and group settings. Using the collective expertise of our faculty and staff, we continually respond to each child’s instructional needs. The team meets informally daily and formally weekly, to monitor student progress and refine learning plans as needed.

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