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The Wolf School SOARs!

What we look for, we find. What we pay attention to, grows.

These words of wisdom are the tenets of Tony Silbert and Jen Hetzel Silbert, the dynamic husband and wife team of Spartina Consulting. Here at The Wolf School, we’ve already found this to be true – having looked for an extraordinary team to help us with strategic planning, we certainly found one in Tony and Jen.


Last year, after celebrating fifteen years of growth and entrepreneurial spirit, Wolf’s Board of Directors decided a strategic planning process was necessary to help establish goals and priorities. According to Scott DiChristofero, Board Chair, “With such a solid foundation, new leadership in place, and increasing enrollment, we knew Wolf was poised for its next chapter.”

Enter Spartina Consulting, whose SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) approach to strategic planning is the perfect fit for Wolf. Their positive energy, insistence on a high level of engagement, and the inclusion of all stakeholders keep things interesting and lively. Head of School, Anna Johnson, notes, “Jen and Tony are helping Wolf create a Strategic Plan that doesn’t just sit on the shelf and collect dust. They are asking great questions and motivating us to explore ways we can inspire, grow and lead.”

Strat Plan 1_edited-1

A core planning team made up of Board, staff, parents, and a wide range of constituents is working to gather information and create a strategic planning retreat. In addition, a focus group session held on 12/17 gathered input, ideas, and questions related to 1) mission, vision, growth, and expansion, 2) financial growth and well being 3) Innovative programming and blended learning 4) operational excellence, and 5) marketing, communication, and outreach.  Some key themes/takeaways included: making the Wolf model available to more learners/families, expanding the physical space at Wolf, and ensuring student and school success well into the future (sustainability).


A BIG thanks to all who participated and contributed so far! The input received will help shape the strategic planning process moving forward. If anyone is interested in learning more or getting involved contact Anna Johnson at ajohnson@thewolfschool.org. We look forward to continued work and visioning!

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