Video Games: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Parents today have a lot of new concerns facing their children’s learning and social experiences and the answers aren’t always clear. That love/hate relationship we have with video games comes from a lot of mixed messages and unclear outcomes. Are you supporting your child’s development or encouraging violence? Do feel

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Snack Attack!

Managing Your Child’s Snacking Most kids (and adults too) love to snack. Afternoon meetings suddenly aren’t as tiring with the promise of snacks. Playdates and sleepovers are made memorable with special snacks. “I’m starving,” is a common outcry when your child arrives home from school and that after school snack

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Do you dread homework as much as your child?

5 tips to help make homework time easier! Homework. Is this a word that conjures more fear than a horror movie, more anxiety than a dentist appointment, more avoidance than cleaning the bathroom? Is it a time of day that means frustration, struggles, tears, arguments, and defeat in your home?

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Getting your child to open up about school

How was school? Fine.

You’re excited to hear about his day and want him to open up but you just can’t seem to get your child to talk. So, what do you do? How do you get your child to open up about the school day?

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Helping Teachers Help Your Child With Learning Differences

Back to School Communication for the Best Year Ever! Word on the street (and in the educational journals!) is that positive parent-teacher relationships contribute to your child’s success in school.  This may seem obvious and at the same time somewhat hard to manage, especially if your child has complex learning

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A Parent's Guide to Picky Eating

A Parent’s Guide to Picky Eating – Bringing a Wolf School tradition home

A Wolf School tradition to help parents encourage their picky eaters to try new foods

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Wolf students vs. parents on February 28th

Wolf Students vs. Parents!

It was a family affair at The Wolf School on February 28th during the annual Parent vs. Student basketball game! After a great season, The Wolf School Basketball Team was ready to show off their skills as they faced their parents. It was a real nail-biter with both teams playing

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