Botanical Illustrations

Room 6 students learned about observational drawing and made their own botanical illustrations of flowers. Each student made several drawings using contour and blind contour, in a number of mediums. We then discussed the idea of making a composition, and we chose where to place our final drawings in the final collage.

Coin Carvings

Room 6 students were creating a town of their original design in social studies. They were tasked with coming up with the name, the layout of the town, and explaining the forms of government. In Integrated Art and Music, we designed the currency. We watched videos of the process of coin engraving and studied real coins to see what information is necessary for actual currency. Students then carved their designs into ceramic disks and applied gold or silver paint, according to their design.

Comics Elective

Room 6 made some fantastic comic strips in their elective class. We began with character design and used those characters in a simple, one-page comic. Next, we practiced with speech bubbles and moved on to a 3-panel comic strip. Each student was then assigned to make a full-page or multi-page comic, with a subject matter of their choosing. The final comic book is a compilation of everyone’s work together.

Individual Pages

Final Class Comic Book

Illuminated Monsters

Students were given a stack of botanical illustrations to collage into their own Frankenstein-animals. They then looked at medieval illuminated manuscripts and learned that the tradition of making strange and fantastical creatures is quite old. Their favorite creature was then adorned with a patterned frame and colorful jewels, as well as assigned a latin name based on the parts of the creature.

Sunset Color Matching

Room 6 students learned basic color theory and made a color wheel. They then learned about mixing complementary colors to make neutrals, and how to lighten and darken bright colors using complements. We spent several days mixing our own practice palettes based on prompts, asking important questions like, “what is the color of the ocean?” and “what is the color of homework?” Then, each student was given printed images of the sky at various times of the day, and they did a magnificent job matching the colors and playing with various blending techniques.

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