Room 4

Farm Paintings

Mardi Gras Masks

In preparation for the school-wide Mardi Gras parade, Room 4 students chose an animal and designed a mask. They chose “Krewe of Cheetah and Zebra” as their class krewe name, and really took on the personas of their animals as they marched.

Monotype Experiments

Room 4 students learned about the process of printmaking and gave it a try using tin foil and block printing ink. We enjoyed seeing how colors and lines interacted while making multi-layer prints.

Pinch Pots

Geometric Shape Robots

Sun & Moon Ceramic Faces

Room 4 students learned about the basic building techniques of ceramics. Using coils, spheres, and slabs, each student constructed the different parts of the face and then glazed or painted their final pair of the sun and moon.

Watercolor Resist Paintings

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