Room 3

Andy Warhol Fruit Stencils

We explored the Pop Art movement and looked at Andy Warhol’s artworks that use repeated images. We shared ideas about what kind of statement he was trying to make and the effect of using a bright palette. To create our own repeated images, each student chose a favorite fruit and made a stencil. We then reviewed the color wheel and the three pairs of complimentary colors. Each student then made a pairing of their fruit stencil and complimentary colors using oil pastel and watercolor.

Stop Motion Animation

Room 3 students learned about the process of stop motion animation. After watching the animations of Oskar Fischinger and learning about his desire to create “visual music,” each student made their own stop motion animation clips using cut paper.

Light Painting

Room 3 was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s 1939 collaboration with photographer Gjon Mili, and made light paintings using long-exposure photography and an LED light. We began our journey by looking at Picasso’s hand-painted line drawings, how he made simple, beautiful animals using only a single line. We made our own single-line drawings of animals to better understand the idea of a contour. Next, we loosened up and drew to music with both our left and right hands simultaneously. Our final preparations were made by drawing with our eyes closed on the whiteboard. Students were free to choose their subject matter for their light paintings in the sensory arena. Some had concrete ideas of what they wanted to create. Others wanted to experiment and see what certain movements looked like recorded in light. We had an amazing time and the results were magical!

Mondrian Drawings

Room 3 looked at the geometric lines in the paintings of Piet Mondrian and recreated his works in their own style.

Tiger Paintings

Room 3 students studied the jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau and made their own versions of them. Each student drew a tiger step-by-step and then chose which elements to copy from Rousseau’s paintings for the environment.

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