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It’s All About Support

4 Ways To Support Your Complex Learner

It's All About Support

As a parent of a Complex Learner, you have probably asked the question more than once about how to support your child with learning disabilities in school. From organizing their homework area to getting information on a sensory diet, you’ve done it all! While academic support is critical for Complex Learners, it’s also helpful to understand how to support your child outside of schoolwork.

If your child experiences academic and social struggles, having you in their corner celebrating them and cheering them on can make a world of difference for their self-esteem! Read on for 5 ways you can support your Complex Learner!

1. Give them “off” time

When a child is a Complex Learner, chances are their schedules are booked! With academic support, social groups, tutoring, OT sessions, and more – their time outside of school can often be filled with appointments and support. While often these outside supports are critical to long-term success, it’s also important for your child to have “off” time. Not only does this give them time to excel at something of their own choosing (like shooting hoops or even breaking their high score in a video game) but it also gives them time to unwind. Time with no expectations gives your child a chance to not worry about success or failure and just enjoy themselves!

2. Celebrate effort over accomplishment

You know how hard your Complex Learner works but sometimes their effort doesn’t always mean getting the correct answer or the top grade in the class. When praising your child, focusing on their effort instead of the outcome can help teach them perseverance and to take pride in their work ethic! This extends beyond just school work to everything from social interactions to cleaning their room. If you can tell your child has tried their best, even if the outcome wasn’t what you may have had in mind, be sure to share with them that you’re proud of them and saw how thoughtful they were or how hard they worked.

3. Treat them as an individual

Just how every child is different, so is every Complex Learner. Each Complex Learner has their own strengths, their own areas of growth, their own talents, and their own paths. It’s important for you to not compare your child with their siblings or even their classmates. Focus on your child and their unique journey.

4. Support & Empower

This is what you do best as a parent! The most important thing you can do as a parent of a Complex Learner is to accept and love your child! Don’t be afraid to talk openly about your child’s diagnoses with them when the time feels right. The more you empower them with knowledge about what makes them the wonderful person they are – the more pride they’ll feel in themselves! When they understand their strengths and their areas of struggles, you’re also empowering your child to learn to self-advocate for what they need to succeed.

Being a parent of a Complex Learner might not always be easy but it’s always worth it! Support them how you can, encourage them often, demonstrate understanding and patience, and be their #1 fan! How do you show your support for your Complex Learner? Share in the comment section below!

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