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Fun in the Sun! – Field Day Festivities

As the end of the school year approaches, the weather is getting more and more beautiful! Students and staff took full advantage of the sunshine during our annual Field Day on Friday, May 19th. From parachute in the gym to never-out wiffle ball and water balloon toss, students had an absolute blast as they rotated from activity to activity. Middle School students were ready at each station to join in on the fun and lend a helping hand.  For a chance to calm down and cool down, students got to enjoy a relaxation station drawing Chinese ink drawings! For lunch, students were treated to a special visit from the Spike’s Junkyard Dog Hotdog Truck! Next, Middle School students, staff, and even some parents came together for a game of wiffle ball. Finishing on a sweet note, Like No Udder provided tasty frozen treats for a delicious way to cool off and end the day.

With Field Day providing Complex Learners with some much loved and needed movement, a chance to practice social skills and sportsmanship, and some well deserved time in the sun- there’s no wonder why this day is such a favorite amongst students and staff.

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