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A Visual Celebration of Community

Community plays an important role at The Wolf School. We teach students The Wolf Way to encourage kindness, listening and respect for others. At All-School Assembly, with each class and staff member in attendance, we work to strengthen our students’ sense of community and fellowship. And at a recent All-School Assembly, community was the theme of a presentation by Room 3 students. An integrated art project was introduced to the students when they were learning about communities and neighborhoods. The final result of this undertaking was a beautiful collaborative mural that depicted Room 3’s community. But the project was so much more than that. It left a lasting impact on the students by helping them develop their own sense of community.

The project began with each student creating a horizon line on their assigned section and then connecting that line to their neighbors. The collaboration involved in this assignment was evident right from the beginning, with Room 3 practicing flexibility to work together. As the students mixed colors, painted, and continued working, they became more and more excited to see the final product!

After the backdrop was completed, students got to create their own house and extra details to add to the surrounding area (like trees, people, even an airplane!). With each student’s neighborhood emerging, students were encouraged to identify and appreciate what was similar and what was unique. As art teacher, Keri King, explained, “It was a great visual celebration of their differences and connections.”

Students worked on the project for two months and reflected in class on how happy they were to see the culmination of their work in the finished mural. Students also talked about how much they’ll miss working on the project now that it’s over. At the All School Assembly presentation, Room 3 shared their feelings about working on the project. One word was mentioned by almost every student – proud. Students said that they were proud at how hard they worked, proud of their creativity, proud to work together, and proud of how beautiful the finished project was.

From supporting each other, practicing kind feedback, and being flexible, this art project was about more than just painting a community – it also strengthened the community of students in Room 3. With the mural now hanging up at The Wolf School, it’s a constant reminder about the power of community and working together. Well done, Room 3!

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